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Why Choose Canada Immigration?

2nd Largest Country in the World and ranked the 2nd the Best in terms of Career opportunities.

Opportunities: Canadian Government is concerned about the skilled man power as they were facing a shortage of skilled workforce, aging population & mismatch of skills and Skill Gap.

They believe most of the professionals from South Asian countries have the skills, experience & calibre that best fit the Canadian economy's requirement.

So,Canada governmentembracesapproximately 350,000 immigrants by 2020 for the reason.

Immigrants choose Canada because - The cost of living in Canada is very affordable as compared to other countries.Housing, food, petrol, gas and cars and even power are cheaper.
Therefore, the cost of living is low.

The Canadian Government spends more money on the Education and Health of their citizens than any other nation and feels Health is their primary fundamental right. It has ranked the best country to live and work being safest life across the globe.

Requirement: Minimum University graduation with 2yrs of work Experience:

The Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments are regularlyproposed new laws and programs to ensure successful settlement for the immigrants.

Express Entry System: Express Entry program is the lead source to pool skill candidates for PR visas. Being an online application system, it manages to process application within six months or less under these immigration programs:

    • FSW (Federal Skill Worker program)
    • FSTP (Federal Skill Trades program)
    • PNP (Provincial Nomination)
    • CEC (Canadian Experience Class)


You need to score a minimum 67 out of 100 points in factors like age, qualification, work experience, occupation, language and family background.

Age - Applicant from Min.25 years will be eligible for the program
Education - Any University graduation
Experience – Min 2years of continuous experience respective to occupation listed under NOC
Language – Having Competitive English skills
Adaptability – These are the additional points where the candidate can claim for his spouse skill factors, family relation and other factors.

Our evaluation team understand, above mentioned attributes and generate report of the possible options that you may be eligible for migration to Canada.


    • Complete Family Visa
    • Spouse can Work/Study full time
    • Free Education for Kids till up to 18 years of Age
    • Free Health & Insurance for complete family
    • Citizenship after 4 years of Stay
    • Can establish your own Business Setup